Groundfloor Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Updated 5/1/2023


The Groundfloor Referral Program ("Program") is subject to certain Terms and Conditions. To participate, an existing customer ("Referrer") must invite a new customer ("Invitee"). The Referrer must be a customer in Good Standing with Groundfloor ("us" or "we"), its subsidiaries, and affiliates and have a valid and active account on the Groundfloor platform.

The Referrer may invite an Invitee by giving the Invitee a special URL, or website link. The Invitee must click this link and follow the subsequent instructions to validate and activate their own Groundfloor account and must further verify and link their bank account. Upon linking a bank account, the Invitee must transfer at least $1,000 of funds to their Groundfloor account and invest at least $1,000 in closed, fully funded Groundfloor LROs or Groundfloor Notes. Groundfloor will credit both the Referrer’s and Invitee’s account with a $100 restricted credit 30 days after the Invitee completes qualifying investments of $1,000 or more in closed, fully funded loans.

The restricted credit can only be used towards the purchase of any Groundfloor investment. The $100 restricted credit cannot be withdrawn as cash. If the restricted credit is not used within one year of issuance, it will expire and be removed from your Groundfloor account. Participation in this program may result in the receipt of taxable income for both the Referrer and the Invitee, and we may be required to send both parties, and file with the IRS, a Form 1099-MISC (miscellaneous income). Both Referrer and Invitee are responsible for any tax liability, including disclosure requirements, related to participating in the Program. Please consult a tax advisor if you have any questions about your personal tax situation. This offer is subject to change and may be canceled at any time without notice. In cases where we have a reasonable belief of fraud, we reserve the right to rescind any restricted credits that may have been given, at any time.