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We are the only investment platform that offers high-yield, short-term
real estate investments to the general public.




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Why Invest in Real Estate?

Thousands of regular Americans have invested millions of dollars in GROUNDFLOOR's crowdfunded real estate loans, which connect investors, a.k.a. regular people, with real estate developers who want to borrow funds to purchase, renovate and sell houses at a profit. 
Loans are collateralized and secured by the underlying real estate asset with a first lien position. 

Asset 3_1  Browse  Choose from a wide variety of high-yield, short-term investments backed by real estate

Asset 2 (2)  Invest  Create a portfolio of individual loans with investments as low as $10

Asset 1_1  Earn   Earn returns from 7- 14% depending on your personal investment criteria

How Does It Work?


GROUNDFLOOR is taking private real estate lending public by being the first and only crowdsourced real estate lending platform open to non-accredited investors. Before GROUNDFLOOR , only accredited investors had access to the diversification, risk-adjusted returns & control available via private market investments. As a direct lender offering crowdsourced capital for short-term residential real estate loans, GROUNDFLOOR opens the door to short-term, high-yield returns to everyday Americans, backed by real estate. We bring together individuals looking for short-term lending investments with real estate investors looking for short-term financing for their specific real estate projects. The renovators get access to more flexible, faster and cheaper capital than a traditional bank or a hard-money lender.  Individuals get access to short-term, high-yield investments offering returns that average over 10%. 

Since funding the first GROUNDFLOOR loan in 2014, thousands of individuals have built their own portfolios of loans ranging in yield from 5% to 23%, on terms of 6 to 12 months, starting at a minimum investment of $10 per loan. GROUNDFLOOR earned a historic qualification by the SEC in August 2015 to sell private real estate debt investments to non-accredited investors. The company was founded in 2013 by Brian Dally and Nick Bhargava and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Our fast-growing team is on a mission to benefit individual and the investments they fund by reformatting and opening private capital markets to broad public participation.  We are democratizing and revolutionizing real estate lending.