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Real Estate Investing –
Now for Everyone

  • Built for everyday real estate investors.
  • Consistent 10% returns.
  • No fees anytime.

What Sets Our Real Estate Investment Portfolio Apart?

Groundfloor offers the best of all worlds: short-term real estate investments with high-yield returns, and it takes only $10 to get started.

With recurring real estate investments and short-term loans, your portfolio can generate cash flow in as little as nine months.

Over 2,000,000 individual investments have been made to date. Join today and make yours.


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Why Invest in Real Estate? 

Looking to break into real estate investing? Groundfloor provides a hassle-free way for investors of all experience levels to finance fix-and-flip projects. With support available from personal accounts, LLCs, trusts FBO accounts, and IRAs you can access investment options such as Loans (LRO) or notes up to $1 million. The company works together with the SEC in order to represent fractional real estate debt investments – making it easy for any investor!

1. Steady Cash Flow

Looking to increase your monthly passive income? Groundfloor offers an innovative way for anyone, regardless of their financial background or means, to dip their toes in the real estate investment pool. With fractional investments and quick returns on residential property flips - it's easy as pie! Investing with Groundfloor helps finance home flippers while creating a profitable portfolio that pays out within months. Don't waste another second - get started now and reap the rewards soon!

2. Great Returns with Groundfloor

Looking for an investment opportunity that can generate high-yield returns with minimal start-up costs? Then Groundfloor could be exactly what you're looking for! With just $10, you'll have the chance to build a thriving portfolio of short-term loans and real estate investments. Enjoy cash flow in as little as nine months - it's hassle free investing at its best!

3. Long-Term Security with Groundfloor 

Groundfloor offers exceptional returns for real estate investors looking to capitalize on long-term investments. The platform adds a unique twist, with the potential for up to 10% in consistent annual yields - allowing users to build wealth and make informed decisions about their finances over time.

Invest Now and Earn

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Why invest with Groundfloor? 


Investing in real estate is made simple at Groundfloor - we offer debt investments to accredited, non-accredited and even international investors. With a low minimum of just $10 needed for entry – there's no reason you can't start making high returns on private real estate right away! Perfect for passive investors looking to generate short term gains without paying any fees.

Take charge of your investments, and expand beyond the traditional stock market with Groundfloor. With a low minimum account balance requirement, you can start investing in private real estate for returns as high as 10%. Plus, every loan is backed by an underlying project or projects to mitigate risk. Our grading system which ranges from A-G - Grade A loans have potentially lower expected risks while still providing attractive yields designed to help you build wealth over time.

Real estate investing can be a lucrative way to boost your income and grow wealth. But before taking the plunge, you'll want to make sure it's right for you. Here are some of the top reasons why savvy investors opt into real estate - just remember: while there's potential upside in each investment opportunity, no cash flow or appreciation is guaranteed! That said, with tools like Groundfloor by your side doing research on properties and neighborhoods will help maximize profits whilst minimizing risk. 

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How to Get Started with Groundfloor

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